10 Holiday Home Bathroom Makeover Ideas: Quick and Festive

It’s the holiday season, and you know what that means… it’s time to deck the halls! Bathrooms are often overlooked as a space to decorate when it comes to getting festive at home, but they have so much potential, and if you are having people over, it’s likely they will be using your bathroom at some point.
Speaking as the premiere spot for bathroom renovations in Auckland, we have a few ideas for a quick and festive makeover that will add to your holiday cheer and impress your guests.
So, read on as we explore ten festive décor ideas to take care of your holiday bathroom makeover in just a few hours!

Festive Shower Curtains

One of the easiest ways to makeover your bathroom is to change out your shower curtain. There are a vast number of options out there, and if you choose wisely, they operate as a statement piece, effecting a transformation with almost no effort.
You can go for a simpler, more minimalistic vibe by choosing solid-coloured shower curtains that align with holiday colours, or you can choose a curtain with an artistic design – or a comedic twist.
You can even source glitzy shower curtain hooks in brass or gold to go the extra mile with your festive décor.

Holiday-Themed Towels

Here’s a holiday bathroom makeover choice that walks the line between form and function. Add a luxe feel to your bathroom while honouring the festive season with some holiday-themed towels.
There are lots out there to choose from. There are many ways to approach this opportunity, from patterned towels in holiday colours to embroidered monochromatic luxury towels.

Scented Candles

Done right, your décor can be a full sensory experience. One way to really bring the holiday season to your bathroom is to invest in some scented candles. Even if you don’t burn them, selecting the right candles will ensure they act as beautiful décor pieces. Go for ornate or crystalline containers to preserve their festive quality all year round.

Garlands & Greenery

The good old Christmas tree is one of the most iconic elements of the holiday season, and adding some garlands or greenery to your bathroom is a wonderful way to echo the greenery of the tree.
Fake garlands are a great investment if you plan on decorating your bathroom every year. However, fresh pine garlands are wonderful if you’re after a refreshing festive scent for the entire month. Be aware these garlands will shed, so there is a little bit of upkeep involved.

Festive Soap Dispensers

Spruce up your festive soap dispensers to add a touch of the holiday spirit to every spot in your bathroom, including the sink. Many supermarkets sell updated packaging for the holiday season. These will include soaps with wintry or pine-based scents to echo the time of year.
Ceramic or glass soap dispensers with a festive lean are perfect for a more sustainable or long-term choice. These last for years to come, and they add a luxe feel to your holiday bathroom makeover.

Seasonal Wall Art

Who knew you could hang wall art in your bathroom? With the right choice of art and a solid ventilation system, you can enjoy festive art in every room of your home, including the bathroom.
Make sure to hang your pieces beside the sink or above your toilet. While the free space near your shower might be tempting, the steam is likely to damage the art over time.

Holiday Rugs & Mats

Bathmats are essential to your bathroom floor, but why not make them part of your décor? Select a bathmat in a holiday colour, or opt for a Christmas sweater-style design with statement patterns.
Remember to have a few different mats in your rotation, lest your laundry load heavily increase!

Ornamental Accents

Ornaments are an essential part of any festive décor! You can absolutely decorate your bathroom the same way you might decorate a tree. Baubles and ornaments are a welcome addition to greenery, and garlands to add a festive flair.
If you’re not using garlands, you can still look for hooks to adorn your walls with these ornaments. Look for miniature statues or even small tabletop Christmas trees to drive the theme home.

Bathroom Wreath

Give the same care to your bathroom door that you give to your front door with a beautiful bathroom wreath! You can go minimalist and understated to keep it luxe or go full-on festive with glitter, garlands, and greenery.
Either way, a wreath is a great way to signal festive décor is ahead from the moment your guests see the bathroom door.

Festive Bath Salts

Finally, enjoy a calming, luxurious bathroom routine by replacing some of your standard skincare or bath products with their festive counterparts. Let the scent of woodsy pine or warming spices emanate from the bathroom at every moment.

Deck the halls with a stunning holiday bathroom makeover.

Celebrate the season with Bathroom by Elite’s makeovers. Contact our experts today and discover how our team can turn your bathroom into the perfect haven for your unique needs all year round.

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