8 Pro Tips on Maximizing Space in Small Bathrooms

When it comes to re-doing your home, small bathroom renovations can be a challenge – especially if your wishlist is larger than your bathroom. The good news is that there are lots of ways to maximise the space you have available to ensure that you end up with a result that works on a functional level and ensures your style notes are adhered to.
It may be that all you need to see the potential in your smaller space are some expert bathroom renovation tips. With that in mind, we have put together some clever ideas for anyone with a small bathroom. Let’s dive into eight essential tips our interior design team relies on when improving small bathrooms.

Double-Stacked Towel Racks

Hanging and drying towels is one thing that takes up the most space in any bathroom. It’s particularly difficult to keep towels dry in a small bathroom due to less airflow – especially if it caters to multiple people.
Doubled-up towel rails are the secret to using more vertical wall space, granting you the ability to properly dry and store your towels without taking up valuable floor room.
There are a few ways to do this, including using heated towel rails to keep your towels rotating or adding hooks to your rails to double or triple your hanging options.

Floating Shelves

Next up, here’s another way to use that valuable vertical space. Floating shelves are great for both storage and as a décor feature. Lean into a rustic style or keep things minimal and clean, depending on the style you choose.
Floating shelves are ideal because of their versatility. You’re essentially adding more space to your walls that you can use to store anything from candles and bath salts to toilet paper or makeup.

Use Your Head Space

We see so many bathrooms that don’t utilise this valuable space, even though there may be plenty of it on offer. Tall shelving or recessed shelves are ideal for maximising the space above your commode.
Store essential items like cleaning supplies and toilet paper, and utilise mirrored doors to give the illusion of even more space – just be careful to hang your shelves in a way that will not be problematic in terms of occupants bumping their heads.

Use Mirrors

In small bathrooms, the perception of space is just as important as the actual presence of it. The right large mirror can help expand the space, helping to reflect natural light around the room.
Where possible, large mirrors that house storage behind them are even better. A vanity or cabinet hidden behind a statement mirror will draw attention away from the storage while drawing your attention to the light and space in the bathroom.
If you want to amp up this effect, consider installing smaller mirrors as features around your bathroom to carry the effect through the space.

Use Freestanding Storage

Small bathrooms, like most small spaces, need versatility in their set-up. Freestanding storage is great because it’s not affixed to any one spot in the bathroom.
This is especially good if you’re personally taking care of your bathroom renovation and need wiggle room to try different variations.
However, always make sure to anchor tall or large freestanding storage shelves to prevent them from falling over.

Replace Swinging Doors

Doors that swing into a space automatically take up room. So, while the type of door you choose might not seem very important at the moment, space-wise, it actually makes a big difference.
Make it easy to enter and exit a smaller space by replacing your swinging doors with sliding ones. Not only does this make it easier for you to get in and out without struggling past the door, but it also makes it easier to leave it open for better ventilation.

Put Clutter Behind Closed Doors

We’ve all had days when we haven’t had time to tidy the house. On those days, it’s easy to see how clutter makes a space feel even smaller than it is.
If your small bathroom has some built-in recesses for the inevitable clutter to land, you will find it’s easier to create a clean, tidy space. Baskets inside cupboards are a great tip here.

Use the Back of Your Door

Our final bathroom renovation tip is to use the back of your door as storage space. You can install a simple hook or hanging shelf on the back of your door to create more storage.
Robes, hand towels, and spare bathmats can be hung on the back of your door, and you can also buy some great ‘pocket storage’ options. Hang these on the back of the door for cosmetics, medicines and other potions and lotions that are gathering on the sink.
There you have it. Eight bathroom renovation tips from the professionals to maximise your small bathroom space. We consider all these and more when designing for our clients, so get in touch with our team for a further chat or a free quote.

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