Gulf View Road

Experience modern luxury in these meticulously crafted spaces. Featuring large-format tiles  that create a seamless and low-maintenance aesthetic, these rooms exude sophistication.  Italian feature walls add subtle texture and elegance, while gunmetal tapware and vertical rails  provide both style and practicality, heating towels effortlessly. 

The spacious recesses enhance practicality and elegance, while the expansive walk-in showers  offer a touch of indulgence. Custom white vanities, designed with practicality in mind, feature  integrated laundry bins and hidden makeup drawers in the kids’ bathroom. Vessel basins atop  subtle marble stone and wall-mounted tapware add a touch of opulence, while beautiful LED  mirrors provide functional elegance.  

The layout redesign for the main/laundry separates the main bathroom and laundry in to  independent spaces, offering enhanced usability and ample storage, including hanging pull-out  racks for drying clothes, and creating a large beautiful main bathroom. 

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