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Our client sought a complete overhaul, desiring both functionality and elegance. We embarked on a challenging journey, reshuffling the existing layout to accommodate a spacious main bathroom alongside an inviting powder room for guests.

The key to this project was harmonizing three distinct tiles seamlessly, a task that demanded precision and creativity. Among them, a standout feature was a large-format tile adorned with intricate gold and blue patterns, commanding attention and infusing the space with opulence. Complementing this focal point was a glossy, handcrafted-look subway tile boasting raw edges, strategically placed to accentuate the freestanding bathtub.

To ensure coherence and warmth, we selected a timeless palette, incorporating a warm light grey tile for the flooring and complimenting walls. Every element was meticulously chosen to evoke a sense of openness and sophistication. Brushed stainless steel tapware, a staple of timeless design, adorned the spacious walk-in shower, while underfloor heating added an indulgent touch.
In keeping with the heritage of the home, we introduced a timber vanity, seamlessly blending modern luxury with traditional charm. Ample lighting fixtures were strategically placed to enhance functionality while accentuating the space’s beauty.

Attention to detail was paramount, from concealing the toilet to ensuring seamless transitions between spaces. The powder room, designed with a touch of moody elegance, featured a striking pendant light, adding a dash of drama.

This project epitomizes our commitment to excellence, where every aspect of design and functionality is meticulously crafted to transform a bathroom into a true masterpiece.

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